Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grace Leah's Quilt

In the 1930's a young boy and his mother sat in an Pennsylvania living room and began to sew a quilt. A Double Wedding Ring pattern was chosen. The fabrics were traditional 1930's prints, tiny flowers, polka dots, stripes.
The little boy held a needle with his tiny fingers and followed his mothers direction. When the top was finished and backed it was folded up and put on a shelf. Soon after that the little boys mother and father passed away 6 months within each other and the quilt was quickly retrieved by another family member only to be stored the same way.
The little boy is my grandfather who we lovingly call Poppie. A wonderful man with a heart of gold. Poppie grew up and met my Nannie, who is just adorable, they had 2 children, Bevy ( my momma) and Bruce ( my awesome uncle). Years pass and grandbabies were born and now all grown up. Then a neice of my Poppies brings him a gift. Yes! The Double Wedding Ring in mint condition.The quilt he helped his momma make and the quilt she had touched and loved. 
So, while I was home on weekend doing some wedding planning, my Poppie pulls out the quilt. I was in awe. I couldn't speak, which is rare. All I new is I was looking at my family history and a piece of love between a mother and a child. I was in tears. It was awesome. It was beautiful. So check it out...

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