Monday, May 28, 2012

This week............

Hey guys!! This past week was a weirdly productive week. Odd, I know. I actually got a few projects finished or started, like I need more to do. I decide to finally write down every project I have going, big mistake... I have the absurd number of, wait I had to count again,..... Ok, 16!!!!!
I do suggest doing this if you already haven't. As if I love punishment, on the next page is the catagory "Project ideas." Yes, really, I need more to do.

So how do you stay organized?

Well, next I finished a quilt for a dear friend for her Birthday.... Rosa's Quilt...
I wanted to  make something with the vintage and repros I had for her.


Then, on Saturday when we got home from work, I had a Surprise in the Quilt Lair...... please no screaming....

The Terror Of Yoshimi!! She had to save is from the Abominable Stuffing Bag!!! Ohhhh nooo!

Yeah, well she told on herself and then gave me this look:

 And all we could do is laugh. She didn't like us laughing at her ;)
Mommy's Baby!!!

One last triumph for this week and then I'm out of here:

 I had total fun making these! I L O V E pink, orange, & batiks, so I got use some hand dyed and batik's for these. Also, on the brown pillow I used a fabric called Mul Mul that I ordered from India. It's almost like a voile. So soft and beautiful. The smaller of the two I used some vintage lace and trimming. Just love these.

Well, thanks for stopping by.

What have you been working on this past week?

A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.
Mahatma Gandhi

Om Shanti... 

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